Pregnant mum-of-three demands help out of cockroach-infested flat

Milton Keynes Council
Milton Keynes Council

A family refusing to live in a cockroach-infested flat have turned to the council for help - by camping out at the civic offices.

This morning, pregnant mum-of-three Marian Salif walked out of her privately owned accommodation in North Ninth Street after suffering the insects crawling on her food and in her bed.

She has been camped out at the council reception area all day demanding the council help find her somewhere to live.

This evening, council security staff asked her to leave the building, but she claims she has nowhere to go.

Marian said: “My children are having nightmares. They can’t sleep because they keep thinking the cockroaches are crawling all over them.

“I am fed up now, I just can’t take it anymore.

“The council is telling me to stay with friends over the weekend, but I have nowhere to go.”

Following the Citizen’s enquiries, council officials have agreed to arrange temporary accommodation for the Salif family over the weekend.

As the newspaper went to press, Marian and her children were being put up in an MK hotel until Monday 12pm.