Presents handed out to world’s poorest children for the first time

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A FATHER-OF-FOUR helped to give children in Malawi a great Christmas when he attended their end of year celebrations.

John Fulton, who lives in Aspley Guise, visited the country with the charity Mary’s Meals, which helps give some of the poorest children a daily meal. He joined the project so he could see for himself the huge difference that contributions from people across Britain can make.

He travelled to the Namasimba under-six centre where he and other volunteers dressed as Christmas elves to give out presents to some children who had never received one.

John said: “When we arrived, the party was already well underway.

“The children performed some songs for us and showed us some of the things they had learned – like their numbers and the alphabet. Then we all sat, and each child was called out individually to receive their gift.

“I sat next to the director of the centre, and she told me that every one of the children was malnourished before the school feeding project started. ‘Can you see how their faces are shining?’ she said to me as we watched them smiling and opening their bags - it was just an amazing experience.”

To find out more about Mary’s Meals and the work they do visit or call free on 0800 698 1212.