Pride of the city are honoured

Kevin Wilson awarded MBE in New Year Honors list ''MK councilor for over 30 years
Kevin Wilson awarded MBE in New Year Honors list ''MK councilor for over 30 years

KEVIN Wilson was awarded the MBE for services to local government after spending 33 years serving the people of the city on both Woughton Parish Council and as leader of Milton Keynes Council.

He said: “It is very nice to be honoured in this way but I have to pay tribute to those who have supported me and the good people of Woughton, it is a huge honour to serve them. Their trust and faith is something I am eternally grateful for.”

He moved to the city in the early 70s at just 21 years old and quickly became a councillor for the Labour party.

In 1990 he began his first spell as leader of the council, which lasted two years, before taking over again between 1996 and 2000.

He said: “The second term was quite taxing as Milton Keynes became unitary.

“One of my best memories came from the parishing of Milton Keynes, which gave people in local areas their own views. I would like to claim some responsibility for that.

“We also became the first authority that integrated children’s services, prior to that they were part of social services. Bringing it all together was important but potentially risky.”

Sheila Gurnett has also been awarded an MBE for services to children and young people.

Sheila, who is known in Bletchley by her birth name Payne, has worked extensively across the city and the county in a number of girl guide groups and back in 1962 she actually started a new guide company in West Bletchley.

Despite moving away from the area Sheila still proudly refers to herself as a Bletchley girl.

Adrian Newey of Red Bull Racing

Adrian Newey of Red Bull Racing

After retirement from teaching, she became a member of the Appeals Committee with Buckinghamshire Education Authority.

This entailed working with two other members, interviewing parents who were appealing on behalf of their children who had failed their 12 plus exam, a job she held right up until last year.

She said: “I feel very very humble and also very very proud at the same time

“Also I feel that while I am honoured to be recognised nationally, it is also due to the fantastic people I have worked with over the years, without whom I would not be in this position. After all why should I receive a medal for doing what I have enjoyed and what has inspired me throughout life?

“So my MBE will be received on behalf of all who have supported and encouraged me all my life, including my mum and dad who led by example through my early years. Thank you all.”

Rodney Corner has also been awarded an MBE for services to the coroner’s system after spending 35 years serving the people of the city.

He called the award a ‘great thrill, a surprise and an honour’.

He said: “I am fortunate to have done such an interesting job, each case was different and each family, some of whom I got to know very well, were also different.

“But a coroner doesn’t do it all on their own.

“The coroner’s officers that I worked with over the years were always very able.

No Caption ABCDE

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“They often spoke to families before I did so when it came to an inquest I was reliant on their knowledge.”

Over the years Rodney worked in Bletchley, Winslow and Milton Keynes but he started when things were much quieter.

He said: “I started back when there was no hospital so a lot of the Road Traffic Accidents went to towns such as Dunstable and Aylesbury.”

Kate Adams, artist, co-founder and director of Project Art Works, was awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours list for services to Art and Disability.

Over the past decade she has initiated responsive, collaborative projects with artists, architects, psychologists, galleries, children and adults who have neurological impairment, their families and independent care agencies.

Through Project Art Works she has worked closely with MK Gallery on a number of projects including the current exhibition, States and Spaces at the gallery which will be closing on Sunday.

She said: “I am surprised, delighted and very appreciative of this acknowledgement.

“It is a great start to 2012 and a wonderful validation for the Project Art Works team and all our artists who are so central to the work we do.”

DR Basiro Davey has been awarded an MBE for services to higher and health education through her work with The Open University Science Faculty, and Health Education and Training Programme, Africa.

She has lived in the city for 36 years, 35 of which she has dedicated to the Open University. She started out as a curriculum manager, helping with the development of the Science Foundation Course and gradually worked her way up.

She now has a degree and a PHD in Immunology, with the PHD specialising in Tumour Immunology.

She said: “It was an amazing feeling to be honoured in this way and I have been pretty overwhelmed by it all. When I found out it was by pure chance as I had phoned my husband Mike to tell him I was going to be late home from work.

“He told me I had received a letter from the cabinet office so I told him to open it. He was soon laughing and cheering down the phone. It was a lovely way to find out.”

Adrian Newey, has been awarded an OBE for services to motorsport.

He has been an integral part of the Tilbrook based Red Bull Racing team that has won the drivers and constructors championships two years in a row.

Newey, who has designed championship winning cars for every team he has worked for, saw his RB7 car totally dominate this year’s Formula One championship race, with Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel winning 11 of the 19 races and the team taking 18 pole positions between Vettel and team mate Mark Webber.

The team celebrated their success with a special ‘meet the fans’ event on the streets of Milton Keynes in December.