Prime Minister visits Milton Keynes for special edition of Question Time at arena:mk

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron was grilled on the EU referendum last night, in a special edition of BBC Question Time, recorded at arena:mk

Mr Cameron took questions on the arguments to retain EU membership, and warned the assembled audience that ‘once we’re out, we’re out. There’s no going back.’

BBC 1 has screened two special editions of Question Time in the run up to Thursday’s EU Referendum, putting leading advocates of the case to remain and the case to leave the European Union directly in front of a live audience.

In the first programme Justice Secretary Michael Gove answered questions on the case to leave the EU to an audience in Nottingham.

Both programmes were moderated by David Dimbleby.

The EU referendum will be held this Thursday, June 23, with the results of the public vote expected overnight/early Friday morning.