Probe to crack down on drugs

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Police are looking to crackdown on those who supply or take Class A drugs in and around the city.

The investigation comes after five people were admitted to Milton Keynes Hospital with one victim dying after the use of a potentially potent batch of the drug heroin.

Thames Valley Police chief superintendent, Barry Halliday, said the investigation is still ongoing and that they would be looking to minimise the use and supply of all drugs.

He said: “One issue is the criminal element of the behaviour associated with being involved with drugs.

“There are a number of drugs out there that are dangerous and those that contain dangerous elements of the drug formations.

“Our primary function is to minimise the use and supply of drugs and reduce the harm caused to people.”

Police officers are already aware of a number of people who are involved in the supply and taking of these drugs and are ‘engaging where they can’ to let people know they are aware of it.

Mr Halliday said people need to know that their dependence on drugs may lead to fatal consequences.

He said: “We currently have a number of sensitive enquiries and they go beyond injury and death.

“We want to know how it came into MK and who is responsible for the distribution of it.”

Thames Valley Police officers are now working closely with a number of partner authorities including the Drug Advisory Team as the investigation progresses.

Police are also looking to clamp down on the use of legal highs in and around the city and Mr Halliday revealed that more and more similar drugs are being intercepted by his officers.

He said: “Legal highs can, in some cases, be bought very easily.

“We have seen an emerging trend of people buying these but officers are intercepting it.”