Professionals on Ice dare to impress

Professionals on Ice
Professionals on Ice

Professionals on Ice returned Planet Ice last weekend to perform in front of a sell-out crowd.

Skaters from ITV’s Dancing on Ice performed in the second tour of Planet Ice rinks across the country.

The tour has also featured local skaters too including Skating Star winner Aimee Kerry-Haynes who performed a solo piece for the first time.

Just six months ago, before joining Planet Ice’s Skating Stars programme, she had no skating skills at all and through the new Skate Excellence ‘Learn to Skate’ initiative, introduced by Planet Ice last year, she is now skating at an incredibly high level.

Belinda Bassett, manager of Planet Ice Milton Keynes, said: “It was an amazing opportunity for the people of Milton Keynes to come out and watch a truly amazing ice show. it was very emotional to see our skating star Aimee out there, she has come so far and is a true inspiration to young people and a fantastic advert for our learn to skate program.”

Professionals on Ice founder Matt Evers’ Part of the reason why we created The Professionals on ice was to keep inspiring the youth to get involved in ice skating. It has been an honour and a privilege to incorporate the skating stars into this year production.”

Creative Producer Vicky Ogden said: “I’m proud to be the Director of the International School of Skating in Milton Keynes alongside with Yuri Bureiko. I love coaching to drive and inspire skaters to follow their dreams to achieve their goals, it’s such a rewarding career which I’m grateful for.

“Being one of the producers on Professionals on Ice we all feel it is vitally important end to have our local talent involved in the show, they are truly incredible, skaters of all ages and standards being able to perform alongside with the professionals.

“This year Planet Ice had ran a competition to find a skating star the winner had the opportunity to perform a solo within the show,

“I was blown away by the courage and ability of our skating star winner she was outstanding for only 20 weeks of learning ice skating.”

People interested in becoming involved in Ice Skating can find more information online at