Proposed multi-storey for Milton Keynes city centre on road to get green light

John Lewis car park in Milton Keynes
John Lewis car park in Milton Keynes

A new multi-storey car park for the city has been recommended for approval – despite fierce objection by its critics.

Milton Keynes Council’s planning department says the 1,450-space parking next to John Lewis should be approved when it goes to the planning committee on January 8.

In response to the latest news, campaign group Xplain has criticised the decision and released photographs to show a “lack of demand” for parking around the department store on one of the busiest weekends before Christmas.

Chairman of Xplain, Linda Inoki, said: “Clearly building a huge new multi-storey car park next to John Lewis is not going to solve CMK’s parking problems.

“For a start, it’s in the wrong place. With up to 5,000 empty spaces in the shopping area on a typical weekday, we need to make better use of what we’ve got.

“The council is just about to publish its latest parking and transport study for CMK and it would be a terrible shame to give Hermes permission to build this damaging, unsustainable car park when there are much smarter parking and transport solutions in the pipeline.”

But investors describe it as a ‘destination’ car park for out of town shoppers, and will give an option to pay and display.

The report recommending the development’s approval states: “Whilst the proposed development is likely to have a detrimental impact on the highway network, the mitigation works proposed would result in a less than severe impact and therefore, in accordance with paragraph 32 of the NPPF, the development is considered acceptable.”