Protest announced against ‘elephant in the room’ budget

Milton Keynes Against the Cuts
Milton Keynes Against the Cuts

Protestors (and an elephant) will march through Central Milton Keynes in response to the government’s budget cuts being announced on Wednesday.

Chancellor George Osborne says he has identified how to make the £12bn of welfare cuts promised in the Conservative election manifesto - including a reduction in the benefit cap and removing subsidies for social housing.

The march has been organised by Milton Keynes Against the Cuts. Chairman Kevin Vickers said: “Over the past five years we have seen welfare budgets attacked savagely causing suffering for the most vulnerable in our society.

“This has happened while the banking and financial services industry has paid over £100 billion in bonuses since the start of the financial crisis. £14 billion was paid in 2014 alone.

“However, the real ‘elephant in the room’ is the true human cost of benefits sanctions and cuts to essential services.

“We know that the these will not only continue to harm those who are unable to work and need support to live independently, but also those hard­working families who create wealth in our economy.”

Mr Osborne said the welfare cuts were needed to stop public services being slashed - and to ensure the government can deliver on eliminating the deficit and running a surplus.

The march begins at 5.30 at the Black Horse statue outside Lloyds Bank, Lloyds Court and ends at Station Square.