Protest held outside cinema against ‘Islamophobic film’

The protest against Vishwaroopam
The protest against Vishwaroopam

ANGRY Muslims staged a protest against an allegedly Islamophobic film outside Cineworld last Saturday, writes Charles Crook.

The group were protesting the UK release of the controversial Indian film Vishwaroopam, which is currently showing in British cinemas.

The film has already been banned in two Indian regions and in Muslim countries in South East Asia amid controversy about the way it depicts Muslims as terrorists.

Campaigner Mustapha Zamaan felt the film fuelled negative views against Muslim people and should not be shown in British cinemas.

He said: “We know there’s a number of American films against Muslims but it’s a lot different in Indian culture, where they trust film actors like gods. This worship leads to films like this creating racial tension and that’s why it’s been banned in India. Ideally we want it pulled here too, but we might be a bit late.

“We respect freedom of expression but this film is hate speech that portrays Muslims negatively.”

The film has been a critical and commercial success in India, but has been hit by several protests in its native country and resulting bans, with Muslims feeling their community is shown in an offensive light.

Vishwaroopam was first shown at Cineworld Milton Keynes last Friday and is due to run until Thursday.