Protesters prepare for march against council cuts

Where's Wally?
Where's Wally?

Anti-austerity demonstrators will march to the council offices tonight in protest of cuts to public services.

Councillors are voting on how to make £22million worth of cuts to this year’s budget.

Milton Keynes People’s Assembly wants people to protest against the changes by meeting at CMK train station at 5.30pm, before marching to the civic offices.

It’s ahead of one of the most important council meetings of the year, where issues such as a proposed council tax increase, changes to recycling and changes to elderly and children’s services will be debated.

Organisers say they expect it to be the biggest anti-cuts demonstration yet in Milton Keynes.

On social media this week, the campaign group sent out a “Where’s Wally” spoof featuring MK MPs Iain Stewart and Mark Lancaster MP.

The poster said: “While our councillors have had to work out the least worst option in order to balance the budget, these two have been virtually invisible - a bit like “Wally” in the popular children’s books...

“So I just wondered if anyone has seen either of these two “Wallys”?

“This is real life, real people, and not a kids’ book. Milton Keynes deserves better.”

Campaigners plan to protest outside the council offices at the end of the march from 6.30pm.

The full council meeting starts at 7pm and all members of the public are welcome.