‘Psycho’ killer set to return to city

Michael Rogers, pictured, was killed by Gregory Davis
Michael Rogers, pictured, was killed by Gregory Davis
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A KILLER who bludgeoned and stabbed a mother and her teenage son to death is set to walk free after serving just seven years of his sentence.

Greg Davis could be back on the streets of Milton Keynes in a few weeks’ time – despite a judge’s ruling that he be locked away ‘indefinitely’ in a secure mental hospital.

The Citizen can reveal the 31-year-old has already been transferred to a specialist pre-discharge unit pending the final decision from a Mental Health Tribunal on March 22.

Davis, an art student from a respectable Great Linford family, was obsessed with serial murderers and plotted his killings with callous entries in his diary.

In January 2003, in broad daylight, he took a knife and hammer to the Stantonbury home of divorcee Dorothy Rogers and her 19-year-old son Michael.

Dorothy, 48, was stabbed 31 times. Michael, who tried to escape, was chased to a children’s playground where crazed Davis stabbed, bludgeoned and disembowelled him.

Gregory Davis

Gregory Davis

A third victim, Dorothy’s boyfriend Mick Cowles was attacked with a hammer and seriously injured.

Afterwards, with his victims lying in pools of blood, Davis coolly picked up a girlfriend and took her on a date.

Apart from his diary entry vowing to kill ‘ad infinitum’ all over the world, there was no motive found for his attack, which was described in court as a “psychotic episode”.

This week a friend of the Rogers family said: “There is no doubt whatsoever that this is an extremely dangerous man. Surely nobody in Milton Keynes is safe if a killer like this is allowed to walk free?

“It is crazy that he can suddenly be declared sane after six years. What happens if he forgets to take his pills?

“If the mental health professionals think he’s fit to leave, then he should be taken to prison to serve the sentence he deserves.

“We have written to David Cameron and the Justice Minister Ken Clarke asking for their help.”

Friends of Michael are organising a protest demo in the city while hundreds have joined a Facebook page called ‘We are against a brutal murderer being released into the community.’

One entry states: ‘Greg David is an extremely dangerous individual. This is a man who for a school art project made a trophy plaque bearing the names of his favourite serial killers.’

Davis, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, began battling for freedom just months into his sentence, hiring a human rights lawyer costing £10,000 of taxpayers’ money. In 2009 he was transferred from Broadmoor to low-security Littlemoor in Oxford, where he is allowed out unsupervised for two hours a week and driven regularly back to Milton Keynes to visit his parents.

It us understood police are unhappy about the release and will insist upon exclusion zones and curfews being imposed.

One officer who worked on the case said: “Davis was clearly deranged and very dangerous. He should be detained as a matter of public safety.”