Public calls for more GP surgeries and longer opening hours


Health chiefs will meet to discuss the need for more doctors’ surgeries and longer GP opening hours in the city.

Milton Keynes Health and Wellbeing Board will meet on Thursday to debate primary care issues raised by the public, with a representative from NHS England there to address key topics.

Councillor Nigel Long, cabinet member for health and chair of the health and wellbeing board, said: “We want NHS England to come clean and be open about future provision of GP practices across Milton Keynes.”

Mr Long gave a list of questions he intends to raise with NHS England:

1. Will the Willen surgery be re-opened?

2. What provision is planned for the east side of Milton Keynes?

3. Will the new Brooklands practice negate the need to re-open Willen?

4. What provision is to be made in the new grid squares of Fairfields and Whitehouse, to the south of Stony Stratford on the west side of Milton Keynes?

5. Will a new practice be opened at Salden Chase, if that development gets the go ahead?

He added: “They must come clean about Willen. If it is not going to open they must say so. They must be clear about new provision on the west flank as well as areas like Salden Case.

“It is vital that NHS England maps out future long term provision of GP practices and addresses current issues of concern.

“I look forward to a good public turnout at the meeting.”