Public go barking mad over Megan’s puppies


Puppy love has taken on a whole new meaning in Milton Keynes after two doting owners decided to publish a live webcam broadcast directly from the whelping box.

Springer Spaniel mum Megan has shot to worldwide fame with fans tuning in 24 hours a day, seven days a week from as far afield as Australia and America.

“It’s gone crazy. Puppy watching seems to have become the new obsession!” said Andy Keech, who installed the cameras initially so he and his partner Steve Litwin could keep an eye on Megan in the days leading up to the birth.

After a textbook delivery of six bouncing pups, they published the link to the puppy cam on Facebook for fascinated friends and family to see.

But they underestimated how quickly the pedigree pups’ antics would go viral.

“They are a week old now and their fan club is growing every day. People are complaining that they’re not getting any work done because they can’t stop watching the puppy cam!” said Andy, who rents out luxury serviced accommodation in MK through his company City Apartments.

“Even my own staff are addicted to it. I’ve had to add two new cameras this week to cope with the demand,” he said.

He and Steve have also started a Facebook Page called Megan Puppies, where puppy cam viewings are reported from Perth, New Zealand, Thailand, Spain and New York.

“I get people messaging me in the middle of the night worrying that a puppy is stuck or getting knocked off the teat, so I have to get up and investigate.

“Luckily Megan is a brilliant mum – and loving all the extra attention. We’re really proud of her and we’re happy to share her puppies with the world.”

The couple have vowed to keep the cameras in place until the pups go to their new homes in several weeks’ time.

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