Public transport improvements could drive more people off the roads

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AS a motorist I always feel lucky I have the opportunity and ability to drive.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have that same freedom and not everyone can afford to run and maintain a car, which is why news public transport links in and around MK are set to undergo a massive improvement is welcomed. An announcement was made this week regarding the East-West rail link which will see the whole of the UK receive a boost of around £9 billion.

Many people may question why the government is spending such a vast amount on improving our train services.

However, if you ask people who use them regularly to commute or travel to Oxford or Cambridge a lot will tell you they suffer with services, whether it be reliability, speed, cost or space issues.

The £9bn cost is a large sum of money, but if it sees improvements in public transport that could see improved services and entice people to ride the rail then I’m all for it.

Plus it may see the roads freed up a bit as well so the queuing times would be reduced.

But what does the investment mean for our city?

By 2017 we will have access to places like Aylesbury, Cambridge, Reading and Oxford directly by rail.

And even better news is that the Great Western, West Coast and Midland main lines will be electrified. This will mean a cleaner, greener and faster service for customers.

Milton Keynes has always enjoyed good transport links with the north and south with people able to freely travel into London or up to Birmingham and Manchester. For years people have been encouraged to make more use of public transport and this could be the project that finally sees that happen.

The cost of fuel is already ridiculously high and by 2017 it could be even worse.

People need a cheaper and cleaner alternative – and I can’t see many families wanting to cycle to Cambridge.

Having a car gives you the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want and the journeys I do and the job I have lend themselves to me needing to drive.

The nearest train station is around two miles away from our office and the bus route I need would see me taking an hour’s journey, despite living just 10 minutes away.

However, if I had a job outside of the city and needed to commute then I would definitely consider hopping on the train if it was a cheaper and more efficient alternative.

Until that day people will continue to jump in the car, trundle to work and get on with it.

That is until they improve the bus service in MK.