Pull-Ups Potty Training bus comes to town

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Parents and kids from Milton Keynes can jump on-board the Pull-Ups Potty Training bus as the UK’s first nationwide tour stops off at Asda Bletcham Way on Friday.

The iconic American style, yellow school bus will offer parents and children the chance to learn all about potty training, day and night, in a fun and interactive environment.

Pull-Ups potty training expert and psychologist Emma Kenny said: “Potty training doesn’t have to be an area of contention or anxiety for parents.

“Using Pull-Ups throughout this journey will help your child reach the end goal of graduating to big kid underwear.”

On board there will be a mini bathroom splash play area, a mock-up bedroom and before leaving everyone will have their first ever instant graduation photo.

Experts will be on hand throughout the day to make the potty training journey smooth – offering advice, top tips and free samples.

Emma added: “The bus brings a fun and engaging element to the potty training journey; the first big step in your child’s development.”