Pupil excluded after threat of ‘shooting massacre’ at Milton Keynes school

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A teenager who put out a sick message predicting a “massacre” at a Milton Keynes school has prompted fear among fellow students.

The boy, studying for A Levels at Ousedale, dropped his social media bombshell days before last week’s mass shooting at a school in Florida.

It is claimed he has been excluded for just eight days – a punishment parents say is nowhere near severe enough.

Earlier this month another sixth former was excluded briefly after allegedly telling classmates he was hearing voices in his head telling him to stab people on his ‘hit list’ at the school.

“What on earth is going on? This is really scary stuff,” said one parent.

“It all sounds like more than a harmless joke. Our children are reading these threats on social media and it’s making them really anxious,” she said.

“It’s also making parents worried. Some of us are seriously considering keeping our children away from school once this boy is allowed back on the premises,” she added.

The latest Instagram message included a chilling quote in Russian about ‘the brotherhood’ which translates as: ‘The brotherhood will track you down for your actions. This will not stand. I will be with the participation of a specific group of people who hate snakes’.

It ended with the state ment: ‘Ousedales (sic) about to have a school massacre’, followed by a laughing emoji.

Ousedale head Sue Carbert said: “A student posted irresponsible messages and made inappropriate remarks in school two weeks ago. Another student responded to these on line in an inflammatory manner; he is extremely sorry for his actions. The police have been fully informed and are working closely with the school. The student is not in school. Safeguarding all students and staff is our absolute priority.”

She added: “Any remarks made by students on social media or verbally are taken very seriously and dealt with through our disciplinary procedures. The police have reassured us our safeguarding procedures are effective and fully support the school’s actions.”

Ms Carbert would not comment on the length of the exclusions.