Pupils ill after aerosol attack

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POLICE have been informed after an aerosol spray attack that left students coughing and nauseous during a school science lesson.

At least one pupil needed hospital treatment and others visited GPs after the incident at Milton Keynes Academy.

Yet days later the school, which has its own on-site community police officer, still has not identified the substance and the culprits have not been punished, say worried parents.

“I want to know what went into my child’s lungs to cause such a reaction,” said one father whose daughter was so ill she needed nebuliser treatment in hospital.

“My daughter called me to say somebody had sprayed something from an aerosol can and she and all her friends felt ill as a result,” he said.

The school evacuated the classroom but some pupils were still dizzy, nauseous and coughing. The worried dad tried to make a doctor’s appointment but in the meantime had a call from his daughter’s head of year.

“She said there had been an incident but everybody was fine. I felt the school was trying to play it down.”

Three hours later, when his daughter still felt unwell, he took her to the Walk-In centre at Milton Keynes Hospital.

“Doctors were surprised to hear the school didn’t know what the substance was. I would have expected a better reaction from a school which has its own police officer.”

The Academy’s associate headteacher, Dara Carroll, said: “We can confirm that an incident occurred when a student sprayed an aerosol can at other students during a science lesson.

“Two students with known medical conditions were seen straight away by the school nurse and appropriate treatment given. The nurse spoke to the rest of the class.

“The school Police Community Support Officer searched the students’ belongings and spoke to the class regarding the incident.”