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Pushwagner self-portrait
Pushwagner self-portrait

OSLO born artist Hariton Pushwagner has led an interesting, if not always charmed, life.

He spent years as one of society’s forgotten figures, living homeless, and to say his lifestyle has been somewhat hedonistic is to hit the nail on the head.

Small surprise then that he has been labelled by some as a modern day Edvard Munch.

His graphic novel ‘Soft City’ is ‘an epic satire of capitalism and life in the modern metropolis,’ that was produced in Oslo and London during a seven year period from 1976.

He sees the world under seige from pollution, totalitarionism and mass destruction, and he paints and draws it that way, with phenomenal results.

Now, in his first solo exhibition outside of Norway, MK Gallery is playing host to Pushwagner’s early works, split into three groupings – the aforementioned Soft City, Family of Man and Apocalypse Frieze.

And whether you are in the gallery, or simply passing by, you can’t fail to notice his design of the Pop Art inspired mouth, which is adorning the main entrance, Mick Jagger would be proud, and Gene Simmons would have to admit defeat when considering the length of this tongue!

Once inside the Gallery, visitors can hone in on those three parts, which comprise silkscreen prints,large-scale works with awesome details and early sketches.

GO! thinks it will be a fantastic display, and the show, which stays put at the venue through to September 2, will be bolstered by a terrific season of Norwegian video, music and performance, with nigh on 50 artists and curators partaking.

We’ll keep you posted on those events, but first go check the exhibition, open to the public from tomorrow.

Admission is free.

If it’s music you seek, a fundraiser in Stony Stratford on Saturday will swell the coffers of Marie Curie Cancer Care and Alzheimer’s Society.

Modern and traditional sounds will come from artists including Trip to the Sun, The Black Runes and Rockitt Cottage, between 11am and 4pm.

Tickets are a fiver and you’ll get a ploughman’s lunch for that too.

Very, very tasty...

Call MK 564154 for your ticket.

The Big Doggie Do is back at Campbell Park this Saturday.

The so-called ‘fido fiesta’ will boast stalls, displays and competitions, between midday and 4pm.

Get more info at www.theparkstrust.com