Putting a smile back on Alex’s face

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A young woman left with no front teeth after a near-fatal cycling accident is to be given a Hollywood smile by a kind-hearted city dental practice.

Alex Kerr, 20, was in a coma for a week after breaking her pelvis, snapping her jaw, disclocating both knees and breaking her wrist in the crash close to her Eaglestone home.

Though she knows she is lucky to be alive, she is too embarrassed to smile about it – because doctors did not consider replacing the six missing teeth a priority.

“I was told I’d probably have to pay my own dentist to have implants fitted – at a cost of £2,000 for each tooth. It will take me years to save that much money,” she said.

Sales rep Alex was discharged this month after ten weeks in hospital but is too embarrassed to leave her home. Without her teeth she is unable to eat properly and hides her mouth with her hand when she speaks.

“I read in magazines all the time about people who have boob jobs, nose jobs and other cosmetic surgery on the NHS because their confidence needing boosting. Yet nobody seems to understand how awful it is to have no front teeth at my age,” she said,

The Citizen revealed Alex’s plight to Broughton-based Brooklands Dental, which has a list of celebrity patients including Gail Porter, Hollyoaks’ Melissa Walton, Sheryl Gascoigne, Melanie Blatt and stars from the Only Way is Essex show.

Within an hour principal dentist Wynand de Jager had invited Alex in for an appointment.

He and Brooklands specialist Dr Hennie van Jaarsveld promptly offered to fit implants – free of charge.

All Alex will have to pay for is the materials, and Brooklands is hoping its suppliers will show sympathy and give discount prices.

“No 20-year-old girl should be expected to suffer as Alex has. She is already beautiful but we will restore her smile and make her look stunning,” promised Mr de Jager, who will make Alex a temporary denture immediately.

Over the moon Alex said: “I cannot thank the Citizen and Brooklands enough. They have made me feel life is worth living again. I can’t wait to start treatment.”

Alex’s long-term boyfriend, 23-year old Marks & Spencer assistant Daniel Few, has been by her side throughout her recovery.

He told the Citizen: “When I met Alex the first thing I noticed was her amazing smile. I still think she’s gorgeous, teeth or no teeth, but it has been horrible seeing her confidence suffer over the past three months.

“She’ll always be like a celebrity to me but now, thanks to Brooklands, she will have a true celebrity smile!”