Question time for council leader during school visit

MPMC-21-07-15 Bushfield School
MPMC-21-07-15 Bushfield School

Pupils of Bushfield School, Wolverton, met the Leader of Milton Keynes Council to discuss politics and ask him questions about his role.

Councillor Peter Marland met members of the school council and described what ,as a councillor, he does for the people of Wolverton and what it means to be an elected

representative. The group discussed how Mr Marland’s role as a councillor was similar to theirs in that

they are representing their classmates as he has to sometimes put aside his own views in order to work best for the people of Milton Keynes. The

group also discussed how they felt about topics such as democracy, elections and how politics

should be mandatory in schools so people learn from an early age how important voting is.

In May, the school held a mock election on the same day as the general election with the aim of

teaching children about democracy and politics. Pupils researched the policies of each party,

what the parties thought and then pupils each voted for the party they believed represented their

views the best.

Mr Marland then attended the school’s assembly; spoke to them about his role as Leader of the

Council, what it meant to be in charge of the city and what decisions he faces on a daily basis.

Pupils then got the opportunity to ask him questions which included “Do you like

being Leader of the council?” and “What do you like about Milton Keynes?” and more specific questions

about the Agora and some of the services the council provides.

Mr Marland said: “I really enjoyed my visit to Bushfield School. It is a great school and I was very impressed by the maturity of some of

the questions the pupils put to me. Going out and meeting people in Milton Keynes is one of the

best parts of this job.”

Finally, Mr Marland toured the school and shown plans for expansion to

provide 120 more places by 2016. The school’s expansion is part of a £160m programme which

will see the creation of seven brand new schools and the expansion of 12 in MK cementing the

borough’s reputation as one of the fastest school builders in the country.

More than 10,000 new school places will be created in Milton Keynes over the next four years in an ambitious capital

development programme by Milton Keynes Council.

Steve Springett-McHugh, headteacher at Bushfield School, said: “It is really encouraging to have

such engagement from the council. I hope Councillor Marland enjoyed his visit to the school and that

he got a real sense of the community that I feel is unique to Bushfield.”