Questions still need answering on Newport Pagnell warehouse blaze

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Councillor Douglas McCall says questions still need answering after the huge warehouse fire in Newport Pagnell last month.

The fire on January 15 destroyed the Liebherr Building in Renny Park Road, and now Mr McCall, ward councillor for Newport Pagnell South says questions need to be answered.

Mr McCall said: “The warehouse was only a roads width from residential housing and with the thick, black acrid smoke residents were concerned. Luckily the prevailing wind was away from the houses.

“As the local Councillor for the area I think there are some questions that need to be asked. So I held a meeting with the Chief Executive of Milton Keynes Council to question why did a warehouse that had such combustible material not have sprinklers?

“Also, why has residential housing been built so close to a warehouse full of such inflammable material? Those houses would have been at risk if the wind had been blowing in their direction. I have asked that the Council considers making changes in the update to the strategic plan, PlanMK.”

Picture by Councillor Douglas McCall