Race against time: MK Marathon runners gather funds to donate to Nepal

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City workers from World Vision charity are running the MK Marathon in a race against time to get aid to Nepal.

Nineteen colleagues are this week busy gathering sponsorship for the event on Bank holiday Monday.

All they raise will be used to get vital supplies to the thousands of sufferers affected by the earthquake.

Employee Abu Tadesse said: “I’m thrilled to be running. It’s a small way that we can help support our colleagues doing such wonderful work on the ground in Nepal,”

World Vision volunteers will boost funds further by standing at the marathon finish line with collection buckets for donations.

The charity has already rushed supplies to help the eight million people affected by the quake.

Many are in need of immediate help including food, water and temporary shelter. The death toll is expected to rise as response teams continue to trek to the most remote areas near the epicentre, say World Vision.

“We know the clock is ticking for those impacted by the earthquake in some of the most remote areas – aid is a matter of life or death for many at this point. Our staffs - as part of the humanitarian effort - are pushing to deploy aid under extreme conditions, well aware of that urgency,” said Phillip Ewert, Operations Director for World Vision in Nepal.

“World Vision staffs have been distributing items while they themselves are still sleeping in tents at night.”

The charity has given out supplies that were pre-positioned in Nepal, including 1,000 tarps and 600 blankets in Bhaktapur - one of the worst hit areas in the quake.

Now it is working to meet the immediate needs of 100,000 people by providing first aid kids, sleeping mats, blankets, water, temporary shelter and protection for children. Hundreds of tarps are also due to be distributed in Sindhuli.

The rush to bring aid to Nepal comes as international relief organizations are particularly stretched thin with several large-scale, long-term disasters worldwide. Syria and other conflict areas like South Sudan and the Central African Republic have created a situation where there are more refugees in need of aid worldwide than there have been at any time in history since World War II.

World Vision has joined up with 12 other agencies as part of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to raise money and get life-saving aid to those most in need.

TO DONATE: worldvision.org.uk/ways-give/make-donation/nepal-earthquake-appeal