Rachel 'strangled in fit of rage'

A PRETTY teenager was strangled by her boyfriend in a fit of rage and her body then dumped on a golf course by him and a friend.

A PRETTY teenager was strangled by her boyfriend in a fit of rage and her body then dumped on a golf course by him and a friend.

Aylesbury Crown Court was told this week how Barri White lost his temper with 19-year-old Rachel Manning and used a makeshift ligature to strangle her in the early hours of a Sunday morning in December 2000.

White, aged 21, of Epsom Grove, Bletchley, denies murder as does Keith Hyatt, aged 48, of Pencarrow Place.

Hyatt also denies a further charge of concealing an offence.

Julian Baughan, prosecuting, told the court White, of Epsom Grove, Bletchley, either slaughtered her single-handedly or with the help of Hyatt.

He said: "It was a sudden spur of the moment loss of temper, when, after an evening of aggravation, she (Rachel) aggravated him too much.

"He went for her and strangled her either with the help of Keith Hyatt or without it."

They then threw the dead girl onto the front seat of Hyatt's white delivery van and drove her to a secluded spot near Woburn, it was said.

With one man either side, they 'frogmarched' Rachel still wearing her distinctive 1970s fancy dress across grassland, passing her body through a fence before dumping her, Mr Baughan told the jury.

It was either then, or at some point in the next couple of days as she lay undiscovered, that Rachel's body was attacked with Hyatt's steering lock, causing

severe lacerations to her face and fractures to the facial bones, the court heard.

Barri White's mum Sharon Shaheed told Aylesbury Crown Court how her son and Rachel Manning were happy together.

Mrs Shaheed, aged 41, of Epsom Grove, Bletchley, told the jury: "They were like any normal couple, they were very happy. They talked about getting engaged and about getting married."

She added: "Occasionally they would argue like any couple ... I never saw or heard anything to suggest Barri would be violent

towards her."

As White wept in the dock, she told the court how, a few months before her death, Rachel had thought she was pregnant but it had turned out to be a false alarm. Both White and Rachel had been happy about the prospect of having a baby, she said.

The jury heard how White had been crushed when he heard Rachel was dead.

Mrs Shaheed said: "He was devastated, absolutely devastated over Rachel's death he just could not

believe it."

She recalled how the couple had attended her 40th birthday party at Bradwell Village Memorial Hall on December 9 dressed in '70s style fancy dress.

Only a few days before Mrs Shaheed, a prison worker at Woodhill Prison, had taken Rachel to buy the unusual black mini skirt she had worn to the party.

She said: "She was a lovely girl. She was friendly, chatty and caring."

She added: "I was very fond of her."

On the night of Rachel's murder, Mrs Shaheed claimed Barri and Rachel had enjoyed themselves and when they left her party to go to Chicago's they were 'merry and happy'. That was the last time she saw Rachel alive.

Over the next couple of days she

described how she had become more and more worried about Rachel and had planned to search for her before her body was found.

Rachel's body was not discovered until Tuesday

December 12.

As police sealed the road leading to the entrance of the Marquess Golf Course for forensic investigation, Hyatt visited the scene, it was said.

Mr Baughan told the jury Hyatt, of Pencarrow Place, Fishermead, got out of his white Amtrak van and asked

officers if they had found a body.

Hyatt was taken in for questioning. White was picked up sobbing from his house later that day, Mr Baughan said.

Rachel was last heard at 2.43am, making a frantic reverse charge call from a phone box in Oldbrook to her housemates asking to be picked up.

Three minutes later someone made two calls from the same phone box, using 20p, to Hyatt.

It was White, Mr Baughan told the jury, calling his friend to help him either kill Rachel or dispose of her body.