Rail fares set to increase again

Train at Bow Brickhill crossing
Train at Bow Brickhill crossing

Commuters could soon be getting a rough ride as rail fares are set to rise by £190 in January.

The cost of a season ticket between Milton Keynes and London could go up to £4,809.

Andrew Pakes, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes South, said: “This is yet another eye-watering hike in prices at a time when prices are rising faster than wages. The Government promised to help passengers yet prices are soaring with little improvement in services. Ministers have already wasted £48 million on the failed West Coast rail franchise fiasco and have given the train companies the power to raise some fares by up to 9 per cent.

“Regular rail passengers face major disruptions on the London route next year yet prices are still due to increase by more than inflation. I would like to see a strict cap imposed on all fares to limit increases to inflation and tougher negotiations by the government to get a better deal out of the rail companies.”