Raining cats and dogs – with pink cows and dotty ducks

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MILTON Keynes went animal quackers this wet week with a duck pretending to be a geranium and a mystery pink cow arriving on a village green.

Jo Mason found the duck making a cosy nest in the hanging basket adorning her Great Linford home.

Kind-hearted Jo has abandoned all thought of spring planting and, with advice from the RSPB, is keeping a careful eye on her guest

Meanwhile in Loughton, dog walker Sue Howard was amazed when a pink cow suddenly appeared on the village green.

A puppy socialiser for Banbury-based dogs for the disabled, she snapped the newcomer with her latest protege Dylan.

The Citizen checked with the Parks Trust to see if one of the famous Bancroft herd has been moo-ved by pranksters.

“It’s not one of ours,” was the reply.