Raise a glass of beer from 1895

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Guests to city Ember Pubs, including the Nut & Squirrel and the Ship Ashore, this summer will be offered an ale which dates back to 1895, as part of the pub’s quarterly Guest Ale Programme.

Archer’s Old Glory is based on a recently-discovered recipe, which ceased production in 1895. It was brewed for the first time in over a century just two months ago, and Ember is to be the first national pub group in which the ale is available.

Elzan Seraj, manager of the Nut & Squirrel, said: “The Guest Ale market demands classic casks with heritage and provenance, and Old Glory provides this by the bucket-load. We’re delighted to be the first national pub group to offer the ale, and would urge anyone looking for an authentic taste of the past to pay us a visit!”

Simon Buckely, CEO of Evan-Evans Group, said: “Old Glory differs from modern day ales as it is brewed using traditional raw materials and coloured malts, but does not contain any artificial additives or sugars. We’ve modernised the ale by using more modern hop varieties and produced a new pump clip design which clearly conveys that this is a quality English brand which is crying out to be sampled!”

Old Glory, 4.5 per cent, is a classic, premium English ale with a fruity hop aroma and mouth-filling dark amber bitter, with spicy full-fruit bitterness. It marks a new era for Archer’s Brewery, which was bought by Evan-Evans when it went into administration in 2009. Over the past two years, CEO Buckley has invested heavily in the brand, which has resulted in the creation of an additional four jobs to enable the brewery to keep up with volumes.

To find out more, visit the Ember Pub & Dining website at www.emberpubanddining.co.uk or the Ember Inns website at www.emberinns.co.uk.