Raise a glass to buying food for hungry toddlers

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A ‘call my bluff’ evening of fun and wine is to raise funds for a serious issue – malnourished children in Sri Lanka.

The evening, run along the lines of the old television panel show, is being organised by city charity Hope Outreach UK.

Every penny raised will go towards setting up nutritional centres for toddlers under the age of five in war-torn northern Sri Lanka.

Charity head and Pennyland GP Dr Sam Muthuveloe recently returned from a mercy mission to his native Sri Lanka and was appalled at the amount of small children who were not receiving adequate food.

“Children need fish, eggs, milk vegetables and a balanced diet. But their families are too poor to buy this food. I felt we should do something to solve this problem and help these little ones,” he said.

Many of the children are being raised by single mums whose husbands were killed either in the civil war or tsunami.

Dr Sam now aims to set up two ‘nutritional nursery centres’ where mums can drop children aged between three and five each morning.

The centres will provide a balanced breakfast and lunch for each child and teach them basic nursery education.

Meanwhile the mothers are free to work and earn money to feed the rest of the family, said Dr Sam.

He is hoping the people of Milton Keynes, who already help fund Hope Outreach orphanages in Sri Lanka, will dig deep and give donations.

Meanwhile the charity is raising funds itself with the Call My Bluff wine tasting, complete with a mock celebrity panel, on Saturday February 22, at St Mary’s Church, Bletchley.

Tickets are £10 and include drinks and refreshments. Call MK 642663 or MK 670226.

Donations to Hope Outreach can be made online at wwww.hopeoutreach.org.uk, or cheques can be sent in the post to Free Post Licence no: MK 1840,Great Linford,Milton Keynes MK14 5BR.

The charity can be emailed at contact@hopeoutreach.org.uk.