Rapist taxi driver in Milton Keynes: How this scandal unfolded and what happens now


A rapist was twice given a licence to drive a taxi in Milton Keynes.

The Mayor, who personally vouched for the man’s good character, has now resigned. Another sex offender is still driving in the city.

This is your guide to the scandal which has rocked Milton Keynes Council.

*What happened on Friday?

A press conference was held at Milton Keynes Civic Offices to announce that Mayor Subhan Shafiq had stood down over revelations he personally vouched for a convicted rapist to be a city taxi driver.

Chief executive of the council Carole Mills and Leader of the council Pete Marland called the scandal a “serious issue regarding taxi licensing”.

*When was the rapist driving in Milton Keynes?

Nadeem Ahmed Kiani worked as a driver from September 2011 to August 2014.

He recieved a private hire driver’s licence in 2011.

This was suspended in April 2012 but then given back to him in May 2012.

He received a Hackney Carriage licence in March 2014.

Both licences were revoked on August 22, 2014.

*What is his criminal background?

In 1991 Mr Kiani was given a conditional discharge for one year for both attempting to obtain property by deception, and theft.

In 1994 he was sentenced to eight years in prison for two buggery offences, assault with intent to commit buggery and rape. He served four years in prison.

*What is his connection to former mayor Subhan Shafiq?

Mr Shafiq told the Citizen he was not close friends with the convicted rapist and he was shocked to learn of his criminal past.

Documents seen by the Citizen say Mr Shafiq claimed that he had known Mr Kiani since childhood and could vouch for his “good current character and his family 

*Who gave Mr Kiani permission to drive a taxi?

He received his private hire licence from two council committees. The Hackney carriage licence was granted by an unknown council officer.

*Who else has resigned from their posts?

Lib Dem councillor Stuart Burke was chairman of the regulatory sub-committee in May 2012 and Labour councillor Gladstone McKenzie was on the panel alongside Councillor Alan Bradburn.

Mr Burke and Mr McKenzie have resigned from their posts. Mr Bradburn is no 
longer a councillor.

*Who has stepped down as a councillor?

No one.

*Are any other sex offenders driving cabs or private hire vehicles in Milton Keynes?

The Citizen understands that another sex offender is still working in the city.

An investigation by Milton Keynes Council found seven people were a “cause for concern”.

Five drivers with declared convictions remain on the city’s roads, while two have had their licences revoked.

One surrendered his plates voluntarily and after three interviews another has also handed back his plates. They will both no longer be allowed to drive taxis in Milton Keynes.

*What is Milton Keynes 
Council doing now?

A detailed review of all taxi licence holders is underway and a new taxi licensing 
policy has been drafted up to be considered by the cabinet this month.

*Is it safe to travel by taxi or private hire vehicle in Milton Keynes?

Council Leader Pete Marland says the council are looking at every single issued taxi licence, but that “the vast 
majority are good, hard-
working people” and the small 
minority of those for concern have been identified.

*Has anyone apologised?

Ex-Mayor Mr Shafiq said he was “sorry for the situation”.

The former vice-chairman of the regulatory sub-committee, Councillor McKenzie, said it was with “deepest regret” that he made the error after “many years of service to community and offered his “sincerest and most heartfelt” apologies.

Lib Dem Councillor Stuart Burke said it was with regret he decided to resign but said it was clear on reflection he made an “error of judgement”.

The Lib Dems group leader, Councilor Douglas 
McCall said his members made the “honourable decision” to stand down.

*What should members of the public do if they are concerned about any of the private-hire or Hackney carriage drivers?

Call Thames Valley Police on 101.