Rapist taxi driver scandal: Today is the deadline for two councillors to resign


Two councillors who allowed a rapist to become a city cabbie must resign today - or else avoid an election for another six months.

Councillor Stuart Burke was chairman of the licensing and regulatory committee that granted a taxi licence to convicted rapist Nadeem Kiani.

Fellow councillor Subhan Shafiq appeared at the hearing and gave Mr Kiani a personal recommendation - he later become mayor of Milton Keynes, before being forced to resign over the scandal.

Although both Mr Burke stepped down from the committee and Mr Shafiq was told to resign as mayor, they have both refused to resign as councillors; if they do not step down today they can avoid a by-election until May 2015.

A third councillor, Gladstone McKenzie, also remains on the council despite resigning as vice-chairman of the licensing committee.

Unlike Mr Burke and Mr Shafiq he has apologised for a “serious error of judgement”. He can still resign after today as he is not due for re-election until 2017.

This week, MK Tory boss Edith Bald demanded the resignation of all councillors involved, including the Lib Dem leader Douglas McCall for showing “poor leadership” and standing by his members.