Rare spotted Genet found in Milton Keynes warehouse

A rare exotic animal from Africa was found huddled up in a spare tyre by workers at the city's Mercedes Benz depot.

Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 4:25 pm
Updated Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 4:27 pm

Surprised Vets4Pets staff identified the spotted creature as a Genet and believe it must have been a stowaway on one of the depot’s trucks.

They put a picture of it on their Facebook page and were amazed when an owner called to claim it - all the way from Brighton.

“The owners were very emotional and highly delighted to have found their pet. The Genet had been missing for 18 days,” said Vets4Pets practice manager Alison Sweeting.

“We are all at a loss as to how the animal arrived in a depot 120 miles away almost three weeks after disappearing.”

She said two Mercedes Benz workers called in to the practice on Monday clutching the Genet in a cage.

“They had found it curled up in a spare tyre in their warehouse and were unable to identify it. They were worried it was a pet that had hitched a ride on a foreign delivery truck,” said Alison.

She said the Genet looked healthy and well-cared for.

“We put the photo on Facebook for our clients to share and appreciate the beauty of this unusual animal. We had lots of enquiries but one person was very persistent, they were sure it was their much-loved pet.”

Eventually vets found a microchip that had migrated to near the Genet’s tail to prove the owner was correct.

On Tuesday the Genet has happily reunited with the family, said Alison.