Rats and rubbish problem at a Bletchley car park costs firm nearly £3K


A property company has been left nearly £3K out of pocket after failing to tackle problems with

rats and rubbish at one of its sites.

Remitone Properties Ltd was prosecuted by Milton Keynes Council for failing

to comply with the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, in respect of the car park at

Chandos Place, Bletchley.

Magistrates heard today (October 9) how the site has been the subject of repeated complaints

about accumulations of rubbish and sighting of rats over a number of years – but the company

did not tackle the problem.

They fined the company £1,000 in its absence; it was also ordered to pay full costs of

£1,748, as well as a £150 Criminal Court charge and £100 Victim Surcharge, totalling £2,998.

A notice was originally served in May 2015 - following sight of a rat infestation by an

environmental health officer - under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949.

This required the landowner to clear the rubbish, to treat the rat infestation and to put in place a

system to ensure waste was collected and removed from the site regularly and that the land was

treated to control rats in the future.

However, the court heard that the company had failed to respond to this notice.

An environmental health spokesperson said: “We had a lot of complaints about this stretch of

land, and the twin problems of rubbish and rat infestation.

“Unfortunately the company failed to heed our requests to sort out the problem – and they have

been left nearly £3,000 out of pocket as a result.”