A rave is to be held Milton Keynes - but everyone must stay sober and drug free

People seeking a "natural high" are invited to a rave with a difference in Milton Keynes next month.

Tuesday, 11th February 2020, 12:10 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th February 2020, 12:18 pm

The rave will be held in the MORNING, between 10am and 1pm, at Unit Nine in Wolverton.

There will be no alcohol on sale and everyone attending will be drug-free and sober - although cacao, a pure form of chocolate, will be available to buy as an energy booster.

And parents can even take their children, with under 12s admitted free.

A previous Wild Cow rave

The event, called Wake up with Wild Cow, is designed to bring vibrancy to MK without the use of drink or drugs, say organisers Estella and Amy from Wild Cow Conscious Dance.

Estella said: "Our events are about building an uplifting, fun energy in a more healthy, conscious way than we are often used to.

"We each found a passion for this way of partying after being involved with other events around the world. It's such a great feeling to dance all night and let your hair down in a non judgemental space where you can really let go but then wake up the next morning feeling fresh and even more energised.

She said the only stimulant on sale will be cacao drinks.

A natural high will be achieved, say the organisers

"Cacao is the key ingredient in chocolate. In its purest, rawest form cacao is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Drank as a ceremonial hot chocolate its effects are uplifting and energising to power you on to the dance floor in the cleanest most natural way."

Estella said most people associate going out and having fun with evenings and night times. But morning raves offer an alternative and healthier option.

"Wild Cow Conscious Dance allows a community of people to come together and have a good dance where the energy is high but no hangover," she said.

The company has been organising events for the past two years, but this will be their first ever morning rave.

"Morning raves are popular in the London scene with more and more people looking for a more natural way to feel good," said Estella. "It means we start our day on a natural high. We have a couple of resident DJs and Dani DJ will be playing progressive house music for this one ending in a sound bath (gongs, Tibetan bowls) from “sound and silence'."

Dani's sounds are progressive house, techno, tech house, deep house and alternative eclectic upbeat "chillout" which are sure to lift the spirits and leave people felling feeling "in a state of ecstasy.".

"We want to make these events accessible to everyone so we have introduced the kindness token , it’s an optional add on at check out of £2 that goes into a pot, the idea is that we start to engage with local drug and alcohol services and other services where those that would like to attend but not in a financial position too can have free entry due to other people’s kindness," said Estella.

The morning rave will be held on March 15th. Tickets prices range from £10 for concessions to £18 on the door. You can buy tickets here