Readers outrage at rubbish left in marathon aftermath

Readers wrote to the Citizen this week outraged by litter left in the aftermath of the MK Marathon.

Nigel Hester wrote: “I live in a village close to the route of the MK Marathon on Bank Holiday Monday and was amazed it caused such mayhem to non marathon folk.

“Not only were the organisers rude to customers and staff trying to get to businesses and work, but the rubbish left on the redways on Wednesday is a disgrace to the race organisers.

“If London can clear up straight after a far bigger event then why can’t MK?”.

Martin Brocklebank wrote: “Dog walking on Tuesday afternoon along the old part of Linford Lane (now a bridle- way, footpath and cycle way), I counted 37 ‘energy’ bar wrappers and no less than 74 plastic bottles that had contained water or energy drinks.

“This was in a space of about 150 metres from Woolstone, under Childs Way, up to the car park before the Grand Union canal. Could not a ‘litter-picking patrol’ be organised to go round after the event?

“I am all for charity, but charity begins at home – please clear up after your event and keep our lovely countryside free of litter. Very disgusted.”

Editor’s note: Organisers of the MK Marathon pointed out that MK Council was paid to litter pick after the event and that road closures were the responsibility of the council and police.