Reading test will tell a happy tale

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PHONICS screening checks which come into force in June are not worrying our teachers and pupils.

City schools are confident they are prepared for the new Government Screening Check, which well test Key Stage 1 pupils on their knowledge of reading.

The test will include one-to-one checking of a child’s phonic knowledge and ability to decode and read both real and ‘nonsense’ words.

Sounds-Write, developer of a leading schools phonics programme, is concerned that some children may struggle if their school does not emphasize phonics but youngsters at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School in Bletchely are prepared.

Headteacher Rob O’Malley said: “Children enjoy working with the Sounds-Write scheme – they view learning to read as fun, it gives them confidence and they can recognise their own progress.

“We’re confident that all our Year 1 children will do well in the test, as the Sounds-Write programme enables us to teach children the skills they need to read, spell and write.”