Redways go green in Milton Keynes


Lighting in redways across Milton Keynes is being upgraded to new energy efficient LED lights.

The upgrade is part of Milton Keynes Council’s £50million highway investment programme that also includes resurfacing stretches of grid roads, redways and roundabouts and new signage.

Vegetation will be cut back to make the entrances to underpasses and along the redways more accessible and visible to make pedestrians and cyclists feel safer.

600 new lamp post columns were installed last year and a further 500 are planned for this financial year with the low energy lanterns.

Upgrades have already been carried out along sections of the V8 Marlborough Street, Railway Walk and the V6 Grafton Street.

The energy-saving lights will reduce carbon dioxide by up to 300 tonnes annually which is the equivalent of 100 households’ energy consumption per year. This will save the council at least 3% on its overall energy bill which can be diverted into other projects for the community.