Regeneration First win Wolverton West town council seats

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The results of the Wolverton & Greenleys Town Council by-elections have been announced.

Elections took place for the town council in the Greenleys and Wolverton West wards yesterday.

There were two spots available in Wolverton West and one in Greenleys.

In Wolverton West, Mike Galloway and David Stevens, both from the Regeneration First party, were elected ahead of Labour’s Jean Weeks and Lisa Hodgson.

Mr Galloway received 286 votes and Mr Stevens 251, while the Labour politicians received 236 and 221 votes respectively.

The turnout for the ward was 16.34 per cent.

In Greenleys, Labour’s Terri Henry took the seat with 165 votes compared to Regeneration First rival, Lee Hart, who polled 106 votes.

The turnout was 15.65 per cent.