Reko sparks social media frenzy

MPMC Reko, MK College Time Traveller
MPMC Reko, MK College Time Traveller
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Dd you spot him? Did you meet the mysterious tall pale man from the future who stalked the streets of Milton Keynes and set the social media scene alight?

His name is ‘Reko Tao Zion’, also known as the Time Traveller, and he popped up all over the city to hand out cards dated 21 08 2063 leading people to a microsite with a strange countdown timer.

Well, all was revealed on Wednesday; Reiko Tao Zion was part of a marketing campaign by Milton Keynes College to encourage young people to think about ‘enrolling to get the future they deserve’.

The Time Traveller’s mission, organised to coincide with GCSE results coming out, was put together by a team led by the college’s head of marketing and Communications, Kate Raclawski.

She said: “The Time Traveller is part of our wider campaign to reach people aged 16-19 and to encourage them to really think about their future and making decisions that will impact on the rest of their lives.”

Reko Tao Zion’s appearances around the city caused a social media stir.

It’s reported the microsite had received 200,000 hits three days before his true identity was revealed.

Kate added: “I am thrilled the people of Milton Keynes and beyond have been so captivated by Reko and his mission.

“The thousands of comments, videos, blogs and artwork people have posted online shows what a truly open-minded town we live in. We may have been behind it but it’s the people of Milton Keynes that have really made the adventure come to life.”

The Time Traveller activity coincided with a series of pop-up careers clinics across the city.

These were set up in Xscape, stadium:mk and the Hub to give advice on college courses available.

Prospective students are also invited to attend a college Open Days at the Chaffron Way Campus from 10am-8pm, Friday, August 23, or Tuesday, August 27, (9am-5pm).