Remembering the faded

Art by John Michael Taylor BA will be on display at Stantonbury Gallery from Monday.

The Lost People was inspired by a collection of old photographs discovered in an antiques store.

“I wondered about the people on them – who were they? What were they like? And ultimately, where are they now? “ John asked.

“Are they totally lost? Or have they gone somewhere and been reborn?

“So many questions that, deep down, we know will never be answered.

“Life and death is one fixed constant thing that many artists throughout history have tackled, and has driven many an artist mad.

“But you have to be a bit mad to become an artist!” he said.

John – who paints, draws and sculpts – will share his work at the gallery through to July 5, and admission is free.

> While we’re getting all arty we should give you a quick reminder about the continuing Bucks Open Studios show, as revealed here last week.

The gargantuan event is happening across the region, and shines a light on plenty of MK creatives.

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