Replenish with the return of Reef

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WEST country rockers Reef were the sound of the mid-nineties – their debut album Replenish saw the band whip up a frenzy of interest and attract a sizeable audience.

But it was 1997’s Glow opus that pushed them into the mainstream.

It debuted on the chart at number one and delivered the song of the summer, Place Your Hands (you’ll be singing it all day now...)

Now, Reef fans have been treated to ‘93-03 Ultimate Collectors Box Set’.

The 9 CD and 1 DVD package spans their first demo along with b-sides, demos, live tracks, rarities, videos, a 64 page booklet, a 12” vinyl of their new fifth album and other goodies.

But it’s not only his own music that front man Gary Stringer has been rifling through – we set him our Cue and Play challenge too...

Tell us about the first record you bought/downloaded

My first album was AC/DC ‘High Voltage’ and it was on tape or cassette

An album you can’t live without,

This is not so cut and dry, but I am going to say Neil Young, Harvest.

Song for song, it’s all killer, no filler

Most embarrassing record in your collection

In a short sighted and stupid move aged 15, I sold most of my embarrassing metal vinyl.

Your favourite cheesy disc...

Boney M, with Daddy Cool

What about your favourite artist of all time?

Bon Scott is high among my heroes, and I’ve never been able to grow out of him

And the attraction?

Tattoos, riffs, bad boy boogie, blacked-out eyes, the punk attitude with long hair, and tunes!

If we could grant you a wish to meet one musician or band, who would it be and why?

These questions are hard.

Hmm, BB King maybe?

Fred ‘Toots’ Hibbert? Johnny Cash? Let’s go with BB King. Why? Check out the guy’s music and back story.

What question would you ask him?

Would you like a drink?

Name a song that never fails to pick you up?

Freddie King, Going Down

And one that chills you out...

Nick Drake, Pink Moon

What was the first gig you attended?

A great band, K-Passa

Tell us about your favourite record shop or online store and what the attraction is

Rat Reckords in Camberwell, for the vinyl

You can step into the shoes of your musical idol for 24 hours. Who do you choose and what do you do?

Well, if I’m chatting to BB King, I’d best go and hang out with Johnny Cash at the San Quentin show

Is there a new or undiscovered artist you think we need to hear?

You can banish one artist to the bargain bin. Who do you choose?

Hmm, I think Paris Hilton made a record...