Residents are not switched on to energy bill offer

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City householders have given a lukewarm response to a council invitation to save £150 on heating bills this winter.

Just 135 people have expressed an interest in the cash-cutting Community Energy Switching Scheme since it was launched eight weeks ago.

The scheme allows residents to join forces and form a bulk energy buying group to negotiate discount deals from power companies.

The more people in the scheme, the better the deal, say council bosses.

But this week it was claimed many people do not even know about the initiative – because the council spent just £100 on promoting it,

Labour councillor Rob Middleton described the sum as “measly” and the marketing as an “embarrassing fiasco”.

He said: “Local takeaways spent more in marketing each month than MK Council has spent on this potentially important scheme that would benefit hard-pressed householders.

“The Big Six energy firms must spend tens of millions each year on marketing. To try to combat the sky rocketing energy prices, the Tory cabinet should have allocated much more to allow proper marketing.”

Now the council has organised a last minute surge to publicising the initiative, which is run in conjunction with energy switch specialists Ichoosr.

The deadline for registering an interest is November 19.

A council spokesman said: “Everyone can take advantage of the scheme even if they are currently using a pre-payment meter or are on a fixed deal.”

They are urging anybody interested in bulk buying their power to register online at or to call MK 252730 between 10am and noon. Applicants must have an energy bill to hand.