‘Residents at risk’ after gas is left on

Councillors Elaine Wales and Nigel Long outside the White Hart Pub
Councillors Elaine Wales and Nigel Long outside the White Hart Pub

THE owners of a derelict pub site have been blasted for putting residents’ lives at risk by leaving the gas supply on.

The discovery, at the White Hart pub site in Bletchley, was made by representatives of Robinson Lloyd Architecture, the company arranging demolition of the building.

The company carried out a risk assessment of the site, owned by the Cambian Group, when it took over the project around two weeks ago and raised the alarm when they smelled gas.

Stephen Lloyd-Loasby, managing director of RLA, said: “We risk assess sites as a regular practice, walking the perimeter. We look deeply through the building, which was easy on this occasion as it is burnt out.

“When we got to the rear of the building we could smell gas. It’s not shocking that the gas and the power was left on. However, our priority is the safety of nearby residents.”

Councillor Elaine Wales, who serves the Denbigh ward, said: “If Cambian cannot even switch off the gas and electric supply it does not bode well for their future management of the building. They really need to sort this mess out.”

Councillor Nigel Long, who lives 500 metres from the derelict pub, said: “The site was left to rot and now we know it was dangerous. I am pleased that residents helped us to raise the need for demolition.

“I am pleased the owners have appointed RLA to sort the demolition out. We will be working closely with them.”

Cambian Group refused to answer questions on why the power had been left live for so long but a spokesman said: “I can confirm that the services to the White Hart site are capped off and secure.”

The building is set to be demolished in January and replaced with a 32-bed, mental health rehabilitation centre for men.

But people living nearby are objecting against the plans for the facility in Whaddon Way as being ‘inappropriate’.

The application will be discussed by Milton Keynes Council on February 16.