Residents go to the polls against huge wind turbines in Haversham

Burton Latimer wind turbines
Burton Latimer wind turbines

ANGRY residents have taken to the polls to speak out against plans to build a huge wind farm near Haversham.

A vote was overseen by the Haversham and Little Linford Parish Council to gauge opinion as to whether people in the area wanted the huge wind farm, which would feature five turbines, towering over the small villages to the north of Milton Keynes.

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But the polls indicated that 76 per cent – 202 – of those who voted were against the idea of the farm, while only 64 votes were in favour.

The result comes less than a week after members of the Development Control Committee at Milton Keynes Council agreed to review a rule regulating the minimum distance a turbine had to be from a house. The Lord Reay Private Members’ Bill is currently going through Parliament, and would see the distance increased, moving turbines further away from homes.

Pam Williams, who helped set up the Stop Haversham Windfarm group, said she was delighted that the council had agreed to review the situation.

She said: “It’s a great success and we are really pleased to see that the councillors agree with us and feel our plight.

“The longer the issue drags on, the more chance we have that the developers lose more and more funding before giving up.

“We want people to write to the council, telling them they don’t want the turbines.”

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