Residents rally to help create wildlife haven

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GENEROUS residents and parish councillors donated their spare time at the weekend to help with pond clearing at Old Farm Park local centre.

The pond, near Boyce Crescent, had this summer become overgrown with weeds and was becoming silted-up.

To tackle the problem and to make the pond a haven for wildlife, 11 volunteers, including members of Walton Parish Council, local residents and rangers from The Parks Trust spent several hours clearing the pond of invasive and non-native weeds.

In addition to clearing weeds, the volunteers litter-picked, removed silt and tidied woody debris into log piles to encourage wildlife.

Dawn Morland, Community Ranger at the Parks Trust said: “It was great to see local residents of all ages getting stuck in and helping to clear the pond.

“It was an extremely muddy experience but everyone rose to the challenge and the newly restored pond will really help to encourage wildlife.

“We’re very grateful to all those that volunteered and we hope that everyone in the area will appreciate and spend more time enjoying the pond.”