Residents say Milton Keynes is not a ‘crap town’

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People have leapt to the defence of Milton Keynes after it was named as one of 100 crap towns in the UK.

The list, which was created in 2003 where it also featured Milton Keynes, is considered as one of the worst after information is sent to the lists creators by people living in the towns themselves.

The list is now being shortened down for the next book which will be published in October.

The Citizen received a number of responses through our Facebook page with people supporting the city for a number of reasons.

Mick Corbett, said: “London is also on the list. This is old hat now, MK has a far better image which is backed up by solid evidence, as it is an economic powerhouse and a great place to live endorsed by the real people who live here.”

Lesley Sorrell, said: “I lived in MK for 20 years before I came to Boston. Best place I’ve lived. No traffic jams, tons of shops and entertainment places, lovely walks and cycle paths. Wish i had stayed there to be honest.”

Steve Bottomley, said: “Love MK. Still travel 400 mile round trips to watch the Dons. It’s only crap to those who’ve never been or can’t be bothered to explore it.”