Residents suffer damage to homes in ‘mini tornado’

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A number of Willen residents suffered structural damage to their homes in what they described as a ‘mini tornado’.

High winds hit the area last Wednesday throwing tiles from rooftops and destroying two garage walls in separate incidents.

Mark Ganderton, who lives in Aldrich Drive, said he experienced the freak weather around 10.40am.

He said: “I have had structural movement on my garage and lost a lot of tiles on my roof. One of my neighbours had the top part of their garage wall blown down.”

The Met Office had no formal reports relating to freak weather as there are no recording stations close to Willen.

However, it did confirm that it was ‘fairly windy’ across the whole of the UK with a wind speed of 30 to 35 knots in the area that day.

Mr Ganderton said he was surprised that more had not been made about the freak storm as a number of people in the area were affected.

He said: “I’m surprised nothing has been mentioned by the Met weather as it has done a lot of damage.

“My other neighbour had their rear garden brick wall blown down.”

Others who referred to the the storm on Twitter reported possible damage in the area.

Adrian Court said on Twitter: “We got hammered by some freak squalls at Cranfield about 10.30 on Weds am. Hail, high winds, rain, for about 5 mins.” (sic)

Ric Brackenbury, Lib Demcouncillor for Linford South, also commented on Twitter.

He said: “Nothing on my road (Wellfield Court) but I heard about tree knocked down on Tuffnell Close on Weds. Maybe related?”