Respect for the Father of Loud

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Mark Niel, Poet Laureate for Milton Keynes has created this poem in memory of the Father of Loud, Jim Marshall

Respect for the Father of Loud

In memoriam, Jim Marshall

This is the time for respect

but not for silence

for Jim Marshall,

the quiet giant of rock.

When the names of the greats are read;

Hendrix, Clapton and the mighty Led

Blackmore, Beck, the Who and even Slade,

They all owe a debt to amps Jim made.

Making music electric

with such warmth and tone,

they were even used by the Rolling Stones

(and you know how hard they are to satisfy).

Visionary, engineer,

mean musician and pioneer

putting the soul into rock ‘n’ roll

from teenage bedroom kicks

to classic riffs and licks

that fired us to heaven.

This was life, full-lived;

turned up to eleven.

All hail the Lord of Loud,

from rehearsal rooms to festival crowd.

And though I’m too old

and in no way cool

and I’ll cop a lot of flack ,

I’m going to plug in, turn it up

and play it loud

on a 100 watt Marshall stack.

I’ll be doing that instead

of singing solemn hymns.

It’s seems the most appropriate way

of saying “Thank you, Jim”.