Retired Colonel turns gym instructor to get Milton Keynes fit


A retired Acting Lieutenant Colonel has taken on the challenge of helping the people of Milton Keynes get in shape through outdoor fitness.

Graham Pennie, who served in the military for 38 years, is now a British Military Fitness (BMF) instructor after retiring from the Armed Forces in 2012.

Graham Pennie

Graham Pennie

56-year-old Graham from West Bletchley, enlisted in the army in 1975 at just 17 years old after spending his childhood moving around the world with his military father.

He served 38 years of exceptional military service, rising up the ranks and acquiring the impressive title of Acting Lieutenant Colonel in 2012

Shortly after, Graham retired from the Armed Forces and has since been putting his skills to good use, recently taking up the post of BMF instructor for Willen Lake and Campbell Park

Graham said: “After a long and fulfilling career in the Armed Forces, I wanted to make sure I stayed fit and active. Working for British Military Fitness allows me to use the skills I have learnt whilst helping other people, which I love to do.

“So far I’m really enjoying being a part of the challenge. Bringing new and refreshing exercises to local people and ensuring the individuals are stimulated physically, whilst working as a team, to achieve their fitness goals is great to see.

“The positive feedback from an individual who has achieved a new level of fitness gives me a real buzz and I look forward to continuing to help people lead an active lifestyle.”

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