Reunion time at Bletchley Park

Veterans attend the annual reunion at Bletchley Park
Veterans attend the annual reunion at Bletchley Park

Former WAAF teleprinter operator Florence Cole was among nearly 90 veterans of the Government Code and Cypher School who gathered at Bletchley Park for their annual reunion.

She said: “All these years I’ve never considered myself important enough to talk about it.

“I’ve never felt I was very special but I can look back now and think maybe I did contribute a little.”

Her modest words sum up the feelings of many of the Bletchley Park staff, whose vital work made such a significant contribution to the ending of World War Two.

And after a summer of 70th anniversary commemorations, it was a chance for those who worked in secret at Bletchely Park and it satellites to remember their part in the war effort.

They brought their friends and family to soak up the atmosphere back in the very buildings where they carried out their top secret assigments.

There were also lots of opportunities to reminisce with people who worked in different sections.

The veterans are now free from the obligations of the Official Secrets Act so can discuss details of what they did – in stark contrast to the strict rules they adhered to during the dark days of the war.

Bletchley Park is the home of the codebreakers whose work is alleged to have shortened World War Two by as much as two years.

It is now a heritage site, museum and education centre dedicated to enhancing the understanding of the critical contribution of codebreaking and intelligence which, in turn, gave birth to computing and electronic security.

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