REVEALED IN PICTURES: 40 cats found in animal hoarder's house in Milton Keynes

People who '˜hoard' cats and kittens are causing chaos for the RSPCA, who rescued 40 felines from one small bungalow last week.

Thursday, 21st June 2018, 7:00 am
If you can help the RSPCA call 01908 611179


Days later the charity seized another 20 cats from a second hoarding household in MK.

A third case of pet hoarding has now brought the sad tally to 74 cats and kittens, all of which are desperately in need of new loving owners.

The deluge of animals started earlier this month on Bradville.

“Sadly we received information that a man had died two weeks previously but there were multiple cats still were shut in the house,” said MK’s RSPCA cat coordinator Sue Taft.

“We went in and found 14 cats - all of the nothing but skin and bone.”

All but one of the cats survived, probably due to the fact that they had scavenged from bags of dried food left around the house, said Sue.

“The food had run out so they were starving. And they had no water. When we got them out they drank like I’d never seen cats drink before.”

As soon as the charity found spaces with volunteer fosterers for the 13 survivors, they were struck with more drama.

“A call came in about a house in a village on the outskirts of MK where there were 40 cats and kittens,” said Sue.

“They owners started with just a couple of cats two years ago but failed to have them neutered. It just demonstrates how quickly things can get out of hand.”

Hot on the heels of this rescue, the RSPCA was called out again - this time to another house in MK where there were 20 cats and kittens.

“It was exactly the same story - the owners started with one or two cats, didn’t get them neutered and then failed to rehome the resulting kittens,” said Sue.

“We are urging people to make sure they get their cats neutered, and if they have problems they should seek help before the situation gets out of hand.”

The Cats Protection charity runs a neutering voucher scheme for those on low incomes. For details email [email protected] or call 01908 984799.

The influx of felines has left the RSPCA branch facilities crammed to capacity. They have put out an urgent appeal for donations, cat food and more people willing to become RSPCA fosterers.

Most importantly they are urging people who think they can give a good forever home to one of the rescued cats or kittens to call the branch on 01908 611179.