REVEALED IN PICTURES: Amazing Milton Keynes lady reveals secret as she celebrates 104th birthday but looks 30 years younger

A fashion-crazy 104-year-old who looks 30 years younger has revealed the secrets of her eternal youth.

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 5:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 6:03 pm
The amazing Margaret Devereux
The amazing Margaret Devereux


Amazing Margaret Devereux worked in John Lewis’ ladies clothing department until she was well into her 70s.

And she has revealed the secrets to her youthful looks are Dior cosmetics and eating plenty of vegetables.

Her choice of 104th birthday treat was a trip back to John Lewis for a full glamorous makeover at the Dior counter.

“She loved every minute of it!” said friend Yvonne Hazlewood.

“I’ve been friends with Margaret for 50 years and it never ceases to amaze me how youthful she looks for her age. She takes a real pride her appearance and you’d never guess she is 104,” she added.

Margaret lived independently in Stony Stratford until just 18 months ago. She did her own shopping and cooking, making sure she always ate healthily.

“She is a stickler for fresh vegetables and fresh food,” said Yvonne. “She always prepared meals from scratch and was quite scathing about ready meals.

“She says the secret of her youthful appearance is eating lots of vegetables, keeping as independent as possible and never giving up.”

Eighteen months ago, after suffering a couple of falls, Margaret, moved to Water Hall care home in Bletchley, taking her enormous wardrobe of clothes with her.

“She is very fussy about what she wears and takes great care to dress herself in the best quality clothes every day. Her favourite is cashmere,” said Yvonne, who still works part-time in John Lewis.

“When I go to see her she always looks immaculate. She’s very keen to hear all about the latest clothing collections in John Lewis. She really likes to keep up with what’s in fashion.”

Margaret was born in 1914, shortly before the start of World War One. Margaret started working for John Lewis at the centre:mk shortly after the new store opened in September 1979.